Angels in America – ‘Narrow Road To Interior’ LP (Ehse)

Ehse 021

Angels in America, the bodypump-infected and skuzz-infested duo of Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten, have been honing their rickety vocabulary on fractured, edge-of-the-abyss cassette releases for a few years now. With Narrow Road to the Interior, their first LP, the band offers a palliative for the debilitating stench of summer with a heady mix of sweet smells, agreeable natural notes, and plenty of creeping, low-to-the-ground odor. Some elements–songs, lyrics, Moppy’s voice at the absolute threshold–will be familiar, visible enough from the waking path; but this is dreamstate music, and to follow it is to cross unannounced into zones less easily pinned down.

ボルチモア出身のMoppyとMervによるAngels of Americaは暗黒ドローン・トラックの上に最高に気怠いお姉ちゃんの歌声がのる洞穴系サウンド・ユニット。

You can Listen sample here.

$20 Worldwide, ¥2000 Japan

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