Daughters of the Sun – ‘Orphans’ C26 (Night People)


Minneapolis long time psych drone rockers Daughters of the Sun follow up their recent and now sold out Not Not Fun LP with this cassette of eclectic jams. This tape features their distinct rock out mode but spends more time hovering around in the deep space of ambient synth with drum work outs, and blissed psych workouts. If you dug the Not Not Fun material this won’t disappoint.
ミネアポリス出身の漢気あふれる3人組Daughters of the Sun。シンセ兼パーカッション、シンセ兼パーカッション、ギター兼パーカッションというメンバー構成からも伺いしれるであろうトライバル・クラウトロック男前サウンド。

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan

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