Robedoor – ‘Rock Bottom’ C36 (Night People)


Long time LA dungeon pysch trio Robedoor have been honing there long form psychedelic drift for some time now, continually moving towards a more guitar and drums based sound in their own distinct way. What is always at play is a heavy sense of dread, created by a massive fog of dense psychedelic sound and ambience, but residing as well is a sense of space and minimalism that draws comparisons to late night trippers like Denudes and Taj Mahal Travelers.

LAの暗黒Caveman’s RockトリオRobedoorによる未発表インプロ音源。彼らのサウンドは人工の楽園LAの暗黒面を体現しています。

$12 Worldwide, ¥1050 Japan


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